Dr. Franky So's Organic Electronic Materials and Devices Group

Recent News About Our Group...

  • Jesse Manders, Jaewoong Lee and Chaoyu Xiang have passed their thesis defense in 2014
  • Dr. Franky So has received the Distinguished Lecturer Award from the IEEE Photonics Society in 2013
  • Our paper of "Energy Alignment and Sub-bandgap charge generation in polymer:fullerene bulk heterojunction solar cells" was accepted by Advanced Materials
  • Dr. So has been elected as a Fellow of OSA
  • Dr. So has been elected as a Charter Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors
  • Both Song Chen and Cephas Small have passed their thesis defense. Congratulations, Dr. Chen and Dr. Small!
  • Song Chen was given the Outstanding International Award by UF.


  • Cephas Small spoke during Governor's visit

    Governor Rick Scott visited the UF Nanoscale Research Facility on February 11, 2013 to layout his plan for UF to become a top-ten public university. Our recent graduate Cephas Small was chosen to speak to share his experience as a STEM student at UF.

    Featured Publications

    Record solar cell efficiency with dithienogermole-thienopyrrolodione donor-acceptor photoactive layer and novel ZnO/polymer composite electron extraction layer - Nature Photonics (PDF)

    "Dithieonogermole as a fused electron donor in bulk heterojunction solar cells" - Collaboration with Dr. John Reynolds's group for high efficiency solar cells - Journal of the American Chemical Society (PDF)

    "PbSe nanocrystal-based infrared-to-visible up-conversion device" - Nano Letters (PDF)

    "Low-voltage, low-power, organic light-emitting transistors for active
    matrix displays" - Science

    "Degredation Mechanims of Small Molecule and Polymer Organic Light
    Emitting Diodes" (Cover Story - Advanced Materials)

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