We have established a state of the art facility for the fabrication and characterization of organic electronic materials and devices. Our most recent addition is an integrated fabrication system that includes three gloveboxes that connect two vacuum thermal evaporators and one sputtering instrument from the Kurt J. Lesker Company. Other processing equipment includes:

— A stand alone 3 target sputtering instrument from the Kurt J. Lesker Company
Sputtering Insrument
Sputtering Instrument

— Three vacuum thermal evaporators. One of which is connected to a glovebox to allow for solution processing and device fabrication in an inert environment

Evaporator 1

Evaporator 2

Evaporator 3 connected to an Innovative Technologies glovebox

— Two setups for the material purification of organic small molecules

Material Purification setup 1

Material Purification setup 2

— A fume hood for sample preparation that contains an ultrasonicator UV/ozone cleaner, hotplate and spincoater

Substrate treatment hood

For the characterization of our devices we have the following setups:

— Luminance-Current-Voltage measurement setup which includes a Keithley Series 2400 sourcemeter and a Keithley Series 6485 picoammeter to measure the photocurrent. Luminance is calibrated using a Konica Minolta LS-100 luminance meter

L-I-V setup

— Solar cell measurement setup including a solar simulator, semiconductor parameter analyzer, and IPCE setup.

Solar cell measurement setup

— Time of flight setup attached to a cryostat for temperature dependant mobility measurements

Time of Flight Setup

— Dark injection setup for mobility measurements

Dark Injection Setup

— Capacitance-Voltage measurement setup

Capacitance-Voltage Measurements Setup

— Photo-CELIV with Delay Generator, Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Laser Source, and High Power Source

— Impedance spectroscopy setup